Lets get started with some frequently asked questions

What can we afford?


With new construction ranging from $130 to $180 per square foot, we as your builder would sit with you to discuss a variety of items, materials and finishes. As a good builder we can save money and headaches if design, finishes and items are discussed and selected upfront. For example, if you are budgeted for a $300 stainless steel kitchen sink you should not expect or select a hand pounded copper triple bowl  sink at $1600. Common sense! 

What’s most important for your family? Rank these nine factors


A. We want Plenty of room and amenities for my family.

B. We entertain a lot so having a great place to entertain is important.

C. A home with the capacity to allow multi generations is important.

D. The location of new home is important to us 

E. Having my builder meet budget and time arrangements is important to us.

F. We must have elegance in design.

G. Saving energy with the latest "smart" insulation and energy saving features is important.

H. A low maintenance exterior is important to us.

I. A good return on investment 

Home Design - where do you start?


We have found over the past 30 years of building that its mush better to meet and discuss with us what your expectations are before going to designer or architect.  This way you will have idea a budget. Designer and Architects are a important part of process sometimes, however you need to know upfront what a good budget should be. This can be done with a good knowledgeable builder with the experience.